Sales Training Consultant Services

Our sales training consultant services and sales training programs follow an easy to understand process designed to help participants discover and implement skills that have been proven to increase revenue and profits.

As a sales training consultant, Bill has clients across the United States and Canada including Chicago, Illinois, Los Angeles, New York, Minnesota, Las Vegas, Texas, Toronto, as well as other cities and states, with sales teams as small as 5 and as large as 3,500.

Additional Sales and Training Services

• Coaching
• Speaking Engagements
• Licenses for select programs for your in-house ownership and facilitation
• Testing for Sales Potential
• Webinars targeted toward standard and custom content
• SFA – Survey, Feedback, Action initiatives to overcome organizational issues
• Books for Selling and Negotiating

Business Coaching Services – Why Coaching?

• It provides targeted support
• It’s cost effective
• It does things nothing else can
• It preserves your most precious resource
• It’s convenient
• It works

Business Speaker Topics

• Full Organization topics
• Adapting to Company Culture
• Getting Along & Going Along
• Think Like the Company
• You Are the Organization
• The Power of SFA – Survey, Feedback, Action

Management Topics

• Be The Coach
• Think & Act Strategically
• Be The Communicator-In-Chief
• Leadership Means Taking Risks, etc.

Sales, Customer Service & Marketing Topics

• Helping Customers Discover Why They Should Partner With You
• 9 Needs All Customers Have
• Closing Begins In The 1st 8 Seconds
• Prospecting is a Sales Persons Exercise
• Be The Company
• Not an Individual Sport

• Selling the Full Organization
• Be Easy to Work With
• Selling is Every-ones Job
• The Power of Positive Attitude
• Characteristics of a World Class Salesperson
• Attracting Customers to You




Heyden Training is a nationally known speaker for sales training programs, sales & marketing topics, and a business Coach. Sales Training Consultant, Bill Heyden also speaks on a variety of business topics. Heyden Training has clients throughout the United States including Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Milwaukee, Nashville, Kansas City, as well as other states and major cities. Call Heyden Training at 630-362-0499.

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