The Five Holes in Sales Performance

Below are the top 5 sales mistakes -62% Fail to earn the right to ask for a commitment. 86% Ask the wrong questions and miss opportunities. 82% Fail to differentiate themselves from competitors. 99% Do not set the right objectives for sales calls. 95% Talk too much and listen too little.

1. Gain Commitment
62% Fail to earn the right to ask for a commitment.

The key word here is ‘Earn’ Working hard to perform each part of the sales process to the best of your ability to earn the customer / prospect’s commitment to move forward. And remember, that commitment is likely to be a series of non-purchase commitments that will increase the likelihood of a purchase commitment.

2. Questioning Skills
86% Ask the wrong questions and miss opportunities.

Well it’s really a combination of the right questions asked at the right time to the right individual. More ‘Open’ questions early in the interaction asked to the person who can best answer them is the key.

3. Sales Process
82% Fail to differentiate themselves from competitors.

If you are implementing all parts of the selling process you will be in a rather elite group of competitors for sure. But among this elite group it often comes down to helping the customer / prospect discover how you, your company, and your solution are better and different from these benchmark competitors. A slight difference, any difference in fact may be all you need to top the scales in your direction.

4. Sales Call Planning
99% Do not set the right objectives for sales calls.

Often the objective is ‘getting the business’ However it’s critical to develop call objectives that are actionable. The SMART principle works well here. S stands for Specific. Specifically what do you want. M stands for Measurable. How will you measure your progress, percentages, dollars, quantities, etc…

5. Presentation Skills
95% Talk too much and listen too little.

Resist over presenting features and benefits. Present only those highest impact features that best act upon the customer’s expressed needs. And articulate each in the form of specific benefits to that need. Did you know that most customer objections come from sales people over presenting?

Above statistics based on research conducted by The Sales Board. 16,000 customers and 300 salespeople in over 25 industries…



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