A Business Coach Can be the Best Investment You Can Make

Business Coach…The buzz word of the day is “Sustainability”

For someone like me who specializes in increasing the performance of workplace professionals sustainability takes on a special meaning.

I’m continually enlightened by what organizations do in the hopes of maximizing the performance of their people without putting in measures to make sure those investments are the ‘right’ ones and sustainable over time.

Statistics show that over 75% of today’s professional workforce report they would like to have a business coach. Yet less than 5% of them have one. What we are referring to here are not so much personal life coaches but professional business coaches.

A good business coach is someone you can trust that has the acumen to be able to diagnose specific and systemic issues in your day to day job, but who has the strength to wait for you to deliver on the solution instead of jumping in and doing it for you.

Being a good listener is half the equation, and being smart about business is the other half. But a business coach helps best when they understand what makes a business professional successful and demonstrates they care about people and really want to get to know that person personally.

Great business coaches are patient – their job is to help you get clear on what needs to happen next, but they wait for you to take action. And of course, they hold your feet to the fire on your goals. A great coach lives by one rule: that you already have the fundamental ingredient to transform your business – which is the ability to change your relationship to it.

That’s why at Heyden Training we focus on training to the right skills, coaching to those skills right in the classroom, and follow-up with on-on-one coaching within a formal or informal format. In addition we train local field management critical coaching skills they can use to enable them to further help sustain those higher levels of performance ongoing.

One-on-One Coaching at Heyden Training is cost effective and timely. Typically it’s done remotely to fit into the coach’s schedule. That way we minimize job interference while maximizing productivity.

If you have your own story of how a business coach has helped you or someone you know feel free to email me or call me at 630-362-0499, so that others can benefit from your success.

Thanks and Coach On,