10 Sales Killers

1. It’s not uncommon for us salespeople to be running in so many directions at once we forget or neglect the obvious. Check out these True Sales Killers …

2. Choosing prospects for the wrong reason. Pursue all potential business, not just the ones that make you feel comfortable.

3. Dismissing prospects too quickly. Recognize that buying decisions are taking longer than ever and some buying styles demand more time.

4. Deciding what a customer will or will not buy. Avoid making assumptions about the customer. Prospects’ antennae are tuned to pick up if a salesperson grasps their business. No grasp, no sale.

5. Not letting prospects talk. The chance of making the sale increases the longer the prospect talks. Let them do 90 percent of the talking.

6. Failing to develop the customers’ confidence. Any doubts and they’ll tune you out.

7. Lack of consistent follow-through. Buyers today are doing far more “test-driving.” How a salesperson behaves over time is the key. Be a consistent performer.

8. Failing to become a valuable resource. Be a salesperson who makes an effort to communicate knowledge to customers, helping them in their business.

9. Lack of sensitivity to customers’ values. Discover which qualities, like promptness, perfection, and cooperation, the customer values. Being on a customer’s wavelength creates credibility.

10. Spending too much time finding products. One study shows that only one-third of the average salesperson’s time involves selling. Salespeople should do what they do best: cultivate customers and close sales.Forgetting to sell the company. There are 3 sales that must be made. Most salespeople are good at selling themselves and their products or services, but they neglect making what may be the most important sale of all-the company.



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