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Heyden Training offers of visitors sales training resources.  View our Guide to Choosing a Training Provider, read about 10 Sales Killers and the top 5 sales mistakes. You will also enjoy reading about a business coach, the decision-making processes in business, and the power of questions. In addition, you can purchase our book, Selling The Way You Want To Be Sold, written by Bill Heyden.


Guide to Choosing a Training Provider

While there are some similarities to training programs, there are also many important differences you should be aware of as you chose the best training program for your sales professionals. Our Guide to Choosing a Training Provider will help you see the different programs, trainers and services.


10 Sales Killers

It’s not uncommon for us salespeople to be running in so many directions at once we forget or neglect the obvious. Read more about the 10 Sales Killers.


The Five Holes in Sales Performance

The top 5 sales mistakes in sales performance -62% fail commitment, 86% ask the wrong questions, 82% fail to differentiate themselves, 99% do not set the right objectives, and 95% talk too much.


The Selling Relationship

Effective sales people are those who match their selling tactics with customers’ decision-making processes in business.


The Power of Questions

There are three important selling cycle activities. The Power of Questions will help you gather important customer information, qualify prospects, and establish credibility and trust.


A Business Coach Can be the Best Investment You can Make

A good business coach is someone you can trust that has the acumen to be able to diagnose specific and systemic issues in your day to day job, but who has the strength to wait for you to deliver on the solution instead of jumping in and doing it for you.


Selling The Way You Want To Be SoldSelling the Way You Want to be Sold

Selling The Way You Want To Be Sold, written by Bill Heyden. You can purchase hard copy by calling 630-362-0499, emailing or go to Amazon where you will go directly to book details.


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