Time and Territory Management

Time & Territory Management benefits salespeople by helping them understand where their time is currently going. It introduces them to 6 Keys To Turning Time Into Gold and the benefits of territory gridding.

Half Day Time & Territory Management Includes:

Time & Territory Management• Time and Territory Management
• Time Analysis
• 6 Keys To Turning Time Into Gold
• Territory Grids
• Plan to Action

It’s customary for salespeople to estimate their selling time with customers to be 20-50% greater than it actually is.

Salespeople will use these time saving concepts to develop an action plan that will increase their selling time by 10-20%. More salespeople spending more time selling will translate into more sales for your organization.

*Attendees will demonstrate these skills and complete a certification test.

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Additional Sales Training Programs

Additional sales training programs include; Solution Based Selling, Negotiations to Enhance Relationships, Strategic Selling Approach and Inside Sales Techniques. Heyden Training also offers sales training programs for Small Group Presentations, Customer Service Skills, Making Good Decisions, and Coaching to Strategic Selling. Sales training programs are available for managers including; Effective Management Techniques, Public Speaking for Managers, and Time & Territory Management.

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