Strategic Selling Approach

Strategic Selling Training will benefit sales professionals by understanding and developing an approach that gives them the guidance and direction they need to determine what knowledge and skills to use at different stages of their largest account interactions. The on-line version of the Strategy worksheet participants develop during class is an excellent stand alone tool, a valuable coaching tool for managers, and integrates well into whatever CRM mechanism you are using.

Full Day Strategic Selling Training Includes:

strategic-selling-approach• Strategic Selling Approach
• Navigating the Complicated Sales Interaction
• Understanding Critical Buying Influences
• Identifying the Decision Maker
• Considering the Competition
• Conceptualizing the full Approach Process
• Utilizing the Strategy Worksheet

Strategy is an important yet often neglected element in selling today. Often sales professionals, if left on their own to identify the key players, simply end up talking to people they feel comfortable with. They could be those who have approved their orders in the past, or who have the “right” titles on their door. Every sales opportunity is unique and should be approached that way.

* Attendees demonstrate these skills and complete a certification test.

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Additional Sales Training Programs

Additional sales training programs include; Solution Based Selling, Negotiations to Enhance Relationships, and Inside Sales Techniques. Heyden Training also offers sales training programs for Small Group Presentations, Customer Service Skills, Making Good Decisions, and Coaching to Strategic Selling. Sales training programs are available for managers including; Effective Management Techniques, Public Speaking for Managers, and Time & Territory Management.

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