Solution Based Selling

Solution selling training teaches sales professionals exactly how to prepare a customer focused introduction that customers will find compelling so that they meaningfully engage early in the sales cycle. Solution Based Selling will also teach sales professionals how to prepare questions to identify high priority customer business issues and listen for what the customer is truly saying. In addition, Solution Based Selling will help sales professionals present features and benefits that match up to customer needs while utilizing a process to handle customer objections to gain customer commitment.

Full Day Solution Selling Training Includes:

Solution Selling Training• Compelling Customer Focused Introductions
• Asking Probing Questions to Identify Needs
• Active Listening Skills
• Presenting Targeted F’s & B’s
• Handling Customer Objections
• Closing for Commitment

Sales professionals often have difficulty getting in the door but statistics show if they gain initial credibility and trust they have a 70% greater chance of making the sale. Also, many sales people think they ask enough questions. But often the questions lack preparation, are insufficient to identify customer needs, and too late in the sales cycle. The result is a missed opportunity to uncover critical selling targets. In addition some sales people spray features and pray that some of them are interesting to the customer. But when customers object to their proposed solution the temptation is to start negotiating before they have to. This results in giving away margin and may cause the salesperson to miss the opportunity to sell to a high priority customer need. Gaining commitment to close the sales is difficult if not impossible if too many of these skills are missed.

* Attendees demonstrate these skills and complete a certification test.

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