Small Group Presentation Training

Small Group Presentation Training will enable sales professionals to prepare customer focused presentations that have attention getting openings, clearly defined objectives to educate or sell, and content that is sequenced for maximum impact. This program will teach techniques to keep nervousness under control, maintain eye contact, utilize body language and voice, employ interaction, and maximize audio visual alternatives.

Full Day Presentation Training Includes:

Small Group Presentation Training• Small Group Presentations
• Presentation Objective
• Choosing Content
• Organizing Content
• Sequencing Content
• Closing for Customer Commitment
• Keeping Nervousness Under Control
• Body Language, Eye Contact, and Voice
• Audience Interaction
• A/V Mediums

Presentations that are short, clear, concise, and focused on solving customer issues in a way that is better and different from the competition are critical to sales success. Often sales people say they are at their best when they just “wing it” but unfortunately studies show that when presentations are unprepared customers will recognize it and the salesperson is less likely to get the business. Studies also show that when presentations are delivered with enthusiasm and designed to engage the audience there is a 50% greater likelihood of gaining customer commitment.

*Attendees demonstrate these skills and complete a certification test.

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