Public Speaking for Managers

Public Speaking for Managers will provide managers the skills to develop and deliver their message with confidence and excitement. The memorable experience created will be more valuable than advertising dollars could buy.

Full Day Public Speaking for Managers Program

Public Speaking for Managers• Understanding your audience
• Choosing your topic
• Designing your message
• Building in interactivity
• Delivering with confidence and excitement
• Leaving a memorable experience

Today as never before managers are asked to speak at a variety of events but are left in the lurch as to what to do and how to do it. These opportunities are great venues to get your organizational message across but unfortunately they can work for you or against you depending on how well the speaker pulls if off.

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Additional Sales Training Programs

Additional sales training programs include; Solution Based Selling, Negotiations to Enhance Relationships, Strategic Selling Approach, and Inside Sales Techniques. Heyden Training also offers sales training programs for Small Group Presentations, Customer Service Skills, Coaching to Strategic Selling and Making Good Decisions. Sales training programs are available for managers including; Effective Management Techniques, and Time & Territory Management.

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