Negotiations to Enhance Relationships Sales Training

Negotiation training is needed for many companies and organizations. Bill will teach your staff how to switch from selling to negotiating at the right time and in the most effective way.

Half Day Negotiation Training Includes:

Negotiation Training• Negotiations to Enhance Relationships
• What your organization will allow you to negotiate
• Timing to switch from selling to negotiating
• Alternatives to negotiate effectively
• Often sales professionals say they don’t understand the distinction between a customer objection and a difference that may need to be negotiated. Not understanding this distinction can cause salespeople to negotiate too much too soon.

Negotiations to Enhance Relationships separates selling and negotiating so that the salesperson understands exactly what your organization will allow you to Negotiate, timing to switch from selling to negotiating, alternatives to negotiate effectively. Salespeople will benefit by negotiating the right issues at the right time and in the most effective way to preserve margin. The salesperson will understand that the harder and longer they sell the less and less often they need to negotiate.

* Attendees will demonstrate these skills and complete a certification test.

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