Customer Service Skills

Customer Service Skills will enable your customer service professionals to represent your organization at the highest professional level your valuable customers expect. And they themselves will grow to be higher level contributors to your organizations bottom-line, providing the organization with another great people resource for future growth.

Full Day Customer Service Skills Program

Customer Service SkillsWhat is Quality Customer Service?
Why are Quality Customer Service Skills Important?

• Effective communication
• Building credibility and trust over the phone
• Active listening and probing techniques
• Clear understanding of customer need
• Providing a clear targeted solution
• Overcoming customer push-back
• Defusing the angry customer
• Moving forward

*Option Cross Selling Module Available

Customer Service people are often put into a position of representing an organization with little or no formal training on how best to do so. Potential risk for image damage is real. But so is the opportunity for image enhancement.

*Attendees will demonstrate these skills and complete a certification test.

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