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Heyden Training offers a 12 Course Program Guide with cutting edge sales training programs that make change happen! Our sales training programs include proven sales techniques that will provide you and your company a return on your investment.

Our sales training programs include; Solution Based Selling, Negotiations to Enhance Relationships, Strategic Selling Approach, and Inside Sales Techniques. Heyden Training also offers sales training programs for Small Group Presentations, Customer Service Skills, Making Good Decisions, and Coaching to Strategic Selling. Sales training programs are available for managers including; Effective Management Techniques, Public Speaking for Managers, Coaching and Mentoring, and Time & Territory Management. Click on the programs below to learn more.

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Coaching and Mentoring

Solution selling training teaches you how to prepare a powerful introduction. Negotiation training teaches your staff how to switch from selling to negotiating. Small Group Presentation Training will show you how to prepare for presentations with attention getting openings, defined objectives and content for maximum impact. Strategic Selling Training will benefit your sales team by developing an approach that gives them the guidance, direction and skills to use at different stages. Time and Territory Management benefits salespeople by helping them understand where their time is currently going. Customer Service Skills will enable your customer service staff to represent your organization at a professional level your customers expect. Coaching to Strategic Selling Training provides sales managers with tools to help their staff strengthen strategies. Effective Management Techniques will provide managers with skills to enhance communications, and make better decisions. Making Good Decisions Training program will introduce you to a proven methodology to achieve their goals in life and in business. Public Speaking for Managers will provide managers the skills to develop their message with confidence. Inside Sales Techniques provides your team with the systems and skills necessary to be revenue contributors to your organization. And Coaching and Mentoring Training provides sales managers with skills to enhance the performance of their sales staff to their fullest selling potential.


Heyden Training is a nationally known expert in sales training programs. Our training programs are designed to provide results. Heyden Training has clients throughout the United States including Illinois, New York, California, Texas, Ohio, Georgia, Nevada, as well as other states and major cities. Call Heyden Training at 630-362-0499.

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