Sales Training with Results - Heyden Training

Sales Training with Results – Heyden Training

Heyden Training works with large, medium, and small clients across the U.S. and Canada to improve their selling performance throughout the sales channel with our sales training techniques. Heyden Training specializes in increasing performance of the inside sales and outside sales professional with short, high impact, and reasonably priced world class sales training programs.

All sales training programs are facilitator led because we understand that when people are told they doubt but when they discover they believe.

Sales Training Programs

Our clients like our wide and deep curriculum of training programs. Our sales training programs include; Solution Based Selling, Negotiations to Enhance Relationships, Strategic Selling Approach, and Inside Sales Techniques. Heyden Training also offers programs for Small Group Presentations, Customer Service Skills, Making Good Decisions, and Coaching to Strategic Selling.

Sales Training Programs for Managers

Training programs are available for managers including; Effective Management Techniques, Public Speaking for Managers, and Time & Territory Management.  Heyden Training utilizes a unique 7 step follow-up approach to make sure what is learned really does get used back on the job.


Bill Heyden has been a sales manager, trainer, and an international sales training manager for 2 Fortune 500 organizations, and has articles published in several prominent sales magazines. If you or your sales team needs training to produce better sales, call Heyden Training at 630-362-0499 or contact us by email at

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Heyden Training is an expert sales training company located in the Chicago region. Our training programs are designed to provide results for your sales team. Our sales topics include; sales training techniques for customer service, selling skills, sales training time management, inside sales techniques, coaching and mentoring, as well as other valuable training programs. Heyden Training has clients throughout the United States and Canada including Chicago, Illinois, Los Angeles, New York, Minnesota, Las Vegas, Texas, Toronto, as well as other cities and states. Call us at 630-362-0499.